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USA Trials

El Trial de España

El Trial de España

April 22,l 2018
EW_AUTOR_TEXTO Brian Parriot EW_AUTOR_FOTOS Rosa Parriot

This is "El Trial de España"

posted by 04 May 2018 By in Estados Unidos (USA) Last modified on Friday, 04 May 2018 15:29

El Trial de España, is the name of the most important and traditional trials competition held in the United States, is part of the US and NATC Championship, that takes place over two days in California, where the most important riders in the country and many others overseas have fought for a prestigious victory.

ElTrialdeEspana-2018 2Gran ambiente en El Trial de España 2018Since its inception in 1970, the El Trial de España has become known amongst the feet up crowd as the largest non-National event of the year. With the exception of 1990, ETdE has never missed a beat and continues to attract the nation's best trials riders.

Created by Fred Belair, the ETdE event has helped promote trials in the United States and has even managed to draw international recognition. Belair's dream was to "provide the basis for an American to become World Trials Champion,"and that hope was realized at the hands of American Bernie Schreiber in 1979. To this day, Schreiber remains the only American to have ever reached the sport's pinnacle.

But the El Trial de Espana event continues to live on. And it is Schreiber himself who reigns as the event's winningest rider, having won the trial a whopping eight times.

ElTrialdeEspana-2018 3Daniel Blanc-Gonnet era segundoElTrialdeEspana-2018 6El ocho veces campeón USA Pat Smage fue el ganador

fuji-ETdE-SwordTakahisa Fujinami venció en El Trial de EspañaSchreiber dominated the event from '75-79 aboard a Bultaco, and returned to score a pair of consecutive wins aboard a SWM in '82 and '83. Schreiber's last win came in '86 aboard a Fantic. Four-time winner Mark Manniko is next with his most recent win coming in '92. Reigning U.S. National Champion Geoff Aaron was the winner of the '91 running. While San Diego's own Tom Hamann topped the field in '93.

1994 saw the event's second foreign winner. (Irishman Sammy Miller took the win in '72) Spaniard Andreu Codina. A former World Championship Series contender proceeded to spank America's best on the rocks that litter the hills surrounding Perris Raceway.
Now the Marketing Manager for the Spanish based Sherco (Bultaco) factory, Codina has been instrumental over the past years in bringing school age riders from Spain to contest the event.

Bernie Schreiber MototrialsBernie Schreiber sigue siendo el piloto con más victorias, 8Cody ElTrial 3732Cody Web con la espada del ganador

FredBelairRecent past foreign winners of the event were all protégé's from the Codina camp, starting with David Cobos, Adam Raga and in 2000, Pep Manzano all of Spain. In 1999 another foreigner tackled the southern California terrain with ease, namely past world champion ('92) Tommi Avahla of Finland. Below, Takahisa Fujinami wields the sword as actually won by Montesa mounted Chris Florin.

Since 1994, El Trial de Espana has helped generate funds for the American Trial des Nations Team. Much like the Olympics of trials, the Trial des Nations pits four riders from each country against one another. Personal differences are put aside for a single weekend. And the four riders work as a team as they defend their country's honor. For 2001 the FIM has granted official country team status to women as well, so subsequent year's the USA will be fielding both a men and women's TdN team.

ElTrialdeEspana-2018 4 The highlight of El Trial is the afternoon's tough world-class difficulty sections for the champ riders. Most spectators will find these afternoon sections the most interesting as the field's elite tackle five spectacular sections that will test not only their riding ability, but their courage as well.

The exhibition will be loaded with talent, as the previous days NATC /AMA National Championship Series attracts the nation's best riders.

Cody Webb, shown right, receiving the perennial trophy in 2009.

Although my participation has been only two years, 2017 and 2018, El Trial, is special. I have a wonderful wife, Rosa, who is 100% Spanish from Malaga and to represent for USA/Spain at this event, we are both very proud.

This year, I rode my 2016 Montesa 300rr, to 7th place on the Clubman line. 48 points with 9 clean sections.

The loop was very challenging, huge drop offs and mighty boulders to climb and jump was the norm. The conditions were sandy, hot and dry with a chance of snakes!!! There was a mix of difficult steps to conquer, tight sandy turns to negotiate and huge drops that make you pucker!

The Montesa team greeted me as one of their own and made me feel like part of the team. Is there Martin Belair and his crew are awesome!

They saved me a place in their pit, prepped my bike, advised me on the unique terrain I was about to endure and made me feel at home. I met the 4-Time Canadian Women's Champion, Christy Williams also, she rode with Team Montesa too! Saturday afternoon was a treat to watch the USA pro riders hammer the 5 "Extreme" sections.

Pat Smage(Sherco), Daniel Blanc-Gonnet(GasGas), Alex Niederer(GasGas) and Josh Roper(Sherco) were ready to put on a show! The amazing sections designed by Geoff Aaron were truly world class! Section after section saw massive climbs and drops that would make the best riders shake in their boots! Some of the gaps also were unbelievable to witness. The riders flew through the air between obstacles and stopped instantly, to start their change of direction, then pin the throttle to leap upwards, 3 and 4 meters at a time! The boulders here have immense amount of grip and they knew it, using the soft tire to stay, what looked like, on a vertical wall!!

About the results Pat Smage was the winner in the top class "Pro", both on Saturday and Sunday, followes on the podium by Daniel Blanc-Gonnet and Alex Niederer second and third respectively in both days.

Truly amazing! I will continue to attend this historic event for years to come I am sure. Thanks to the dedicated people who make these epic events a reality each year. My hat is off to you all!

ElTrialdeEspana-2018 5 ElTrialdeEspana-2018 1Brian Parriot, Martin Belair y Christie Williams

 El Trial de España 2018 results day 1

 El Trial de España 2018 results day 2

 Trial en USA

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