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Classic Trial
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2 Days of Viver

Viver (Valencia)
April 8 and 9, 2017
Texts: Carmen Marín Photos: Viver's Town Hall Information: Javier Gil

2 Days of Viver Classic Trial cancelled

posted by 23 March 2017 By in International Last modified on Thursday, 23 March 2017 17:04

The 2 Days Classic Trial of Viver, second round of Trials Trials without Frontiers meetings, organized by motor clubs from Spain, Italy and France and to be held in the town of Castellver de Víver on 8 and 9 April, finally has been cancelled despaite all the environmental and local permisions was OK according with MC Sense Peus, due to the opposition of the local Valencia Motorcycling federation... The information is updated with the FMCV press release and with the reply of MC Sense Peus (only available in spanish version) in what has become a regrettable case of political struggle. In the end, the losers are the sportsmen and the sports of trials in general.

 Return of Entry Fees (03/22/2017)

We are informed by the MC Sense Peus that they are already proceeding to the return of the Entry Fees.

For this reason they are contacting to all the riders to indicate the account number in which to be able to reimburse the money, since the bank does not facilitate it by its documentary privacy policy. Those who paid in cash have already been returned.

So stay tuned to your mails or contact the MC Sense Peus and you can receive the amount as soon as possible.

 Details about 2 Days of Viver cancellation only available in the spanish version, clicking here.

  Trial Without Borders arrives in Spain on April (Cancelled)

The second round of the Deux Giorni Trial Clásico of the Trial Without Boders, that gives all the classic trial motorbikes fans a chance to practice their sport, will be held in Spain, specifically in Castellón. The village of Viver will welcome riders from all over Europe during the 8th and 9th of April, offering them all the natural resources and landscapes of the valley that lays between Valencia and Aragón.

The goals of the championship are to unite classic trial fans, encourage the practice of the sport and the preservation of trial bikes, and to enjoy the events respectfully. To acomplish them, the organization has turned this event into something unique by erasing all the bureaucracy that has reduced participation in previous events, and turning the three rounds into social trials. This means that no kind of permit will be needed, and everyone with national or social licenses, willing to practice the sports and respectful with the rules will be welcomed.

The races will be divided into five classes:

  • Pre 65: Bikes built before 1965 (including the Bultaco T10).
  • Pre 75: Bikes built before 1975
  • Pre 80: Bikes built between 1975 and 1980
  • Post 80: Bikes built from 1980, keeping the definition of classic bike.
  • Experimental class: Bikes with front disc brake, monoshock, and air-refrigerated.

Viver is surrounded by forests that offer many possibilitiesThe mountains arround the valley are the perfect scenry for trial riders

The race is divided in 22 sections and three levels, following the same standards on the three rounds after an agreement between the three motoclubs that organize each race (Provence Trial Classic in Frace, Sense Peus in Spain and Neumarkt Egna in Italy). The three levels of difficulty are:

  • Yellow: easy
  • Blue (equal to green in Spain): medium
  • Red (equal to blue in Spain): hard

The Valencian race will have different sections for each level, with one exception: Viver's Pipeline. This system aims to avoid big crowds, since the organization expects a lot of participants, and the objective is to favour the enjoyment.

In total, it will be an aproximately 35-kilometer-route, divided in two laps. For that reason, the organizers advice to bring extra gas ir order to refill the tanks, something that will be done in the designated areas. The two provisioning and refueling areas will be situated in the circuit and the forest. The first one will be for even numbers and the other one, for unevens. Each group of riders (divided in even and uneven numbers) will start the race from those same points.

The first rider will leave the start at 8:30 am, and all the participants will have to complete de race in 7 or less hours and a half. The organization has set that time so everyone has enough time not only to race, but to enjoy the landscape, mountains and the sport.  

Registration for the Spanish round will be done with this this form and has a cost of 110 € (insurance included). Moreover, the organization has decided to set up an information office at the paddock of the first round in Lastours. This way, everyone attending the French race will be able to manage their registration avoiding extra costs. The second round is limited to 250 riders, and number that will surely become too short, just how it happened with the first race, which was complete two weeks after the registration process started.

For foreign riders that arrive in Viver for the race, the town hall offers free accomodation in the local hostel, which has 80 beds. The goal is that everyone attending enjoys the relaxed atmosphere whilst getting to know the area surrounding the Valencian village, as well as the traditions and the food. Viver has 1600 inhabitants and it's located in the southwest of Castellón, in a valley surrounded by nature: forests, parks, and natural water sources.

The organization has set an area for everyone attending in a motorhome, trailer or willing to camp. Also, everyone looking for accomodation can find information on this website.

Registration form for the 2 Days of Viver, Trial Without Borders


    •   Name  Lito
      Comment Link Name Lito 23 March 2017

      Desde luego chapas que la ignorancia es muy mala porque hablar sin dignarse a ver la verdad y que una persona que se dedica a diario a realizar zonas a diestro sin ningún tipo de permiso se atreva a hablar es muy fuerte.
      Mira primero tus manos y luego me hablas de legalidad.

    •   Chapasgas
      Comment Link Chapasgas 21 March 2017

      Pues rafael tal vez sea por que en francia e italia son carreras legalmente organizadas y esta de españa no

    •   rafael ruiz
      Comment Link rafael ruiz 17 March 2017

      sr, presidente de la federación valenciana somos 3 compañeros trialeros de Ibiza y Formentera, muncho antes de que usted se pusiera el casco para ir en moto me explica si puede el porque en Francia SI en Italia también SPAIN IS DIFERENT, quien nos paga los billetes ya comprados y romper la ilusión de tantos y tantos compañeros y del equipo organizador del No tiene perdón su Federación quizás con el expresidente Rios no pasaría. Gracias Sr, Presidente.

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